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11 Pieces Of Clothing Save You From Confusion

You inevitably become confused when you choose what you wear every day, not alone, most of women face are a real dilemma, Fashion experts suggest that your closet contains basic pieces that will save you from the confusion because it gives you the elegance inevitably and saves you time and effort in thinking, these are the most important ..

1- Black dress:

The most needed item, especially if you are confused when choosing what to wear. You can wear it for work, for the evening and even on normal days.

2- Cotton T-shirt

Whatever its shape or model is a staple because it is comfortable to wear and does not need to be cared for, you can wear it in different ways, such as wearing jeans or under jacket with classic trousers or with a thin skirt and accessories.

3. Cardigan

One of the most important pieces, buy more than one color to wear on a T-shirt or shirt

4. White shirt

You will need it constantly. It is important for formal and classic clothes and you wear it in all seasons.

5 – Plover

It is very important in the winter, and you can wear it alone or under a jacket or shirt in winter .. Choose from a cloth easy to clean and does not need to care for it, will save you busy days and you do not have time to choose other clothes with each other.

6- Dress with colored prints

Get the right length and model to shape your body and add some accessories, and you can change the appearance according to the occasion you wear it.

7- Jeans trousers

Buy more than a pair of jeans with cuts and colors for different uses, you can wear with any other piece.

8- Classic trousers

Preferably be black for official occasions Wear with a shirt or blouse and jacket until you get the official view you need sometimes.

9. Skirt

Two were bought, one with a straight story, one for official views and the other for normal days.

10 – Silk Blouse:

The blouse or silk shirt is one of the basic pieces that must be in your closet, so you can wear it at work, in the evening and even in normal days.

11 Blazer:

This piece is suitable for all occasions and you can wear it with all the pieces of dresses to short and long trousers and even skirts.


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