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A Strategy to Protect Your Children Physically and Psychologically From Corona

As a mother, there are two parallel lines that you have to deal with at the same time with your children, and they are protecting them from Corona virus both physically and psychologically, you must follow all means of prevention from the corona infection and at the same time protect them from being a victim of anxiety, and fear of the virus. Moreover, in this article we will give you what experts advice on how to deal with this matter …

Precautions to reduce the chances of your children contracting the Coronavirus

Explain to your child the nature of this virus, how it is transmitted, and how dangerous it is for those who are infected with it. Then tell him the precautions ways from this virus, so that he takes better care and avoids infection.

Teach him how important it is to wash his hands regularly in the correct way, that the water and soap needs to reach all parts of the hand, and continue washing hands for 20 seconds. Especially before eating and after touching any surfaces and after entering the bathroom, as well as after sneezing or coughing.

You must to teach him how to sneeze or cough into a tissue, then get rid of it immediately to prevent the virus from being spread. And he should stayaway from people with the virus symptoms.

Also, the need to constantly sterilize his hands with a sanitizer.

Don’t take your child anywhere crowded during the pandemic.

Make sure that your child does not leave the house only in urgent conditions, to minimize his exposure to the infection.

However, you should create an enjoyable atmosphere by participating in play times so that he does not feel bored from staying home.

Strengthen your child immune system by offering him healthy food and drinks such as vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges, lemons, kiwi, strawberries, guava, apples, and green peppers. Encourage him to exercise, and of course avoid serving ready meals, chocolates, sweets and soft drinks.

As parents you should take all means of prevention from the virus so that you do not transmit the infection to your children. You can achieve this by staying away from crowded places and not leaving the house except in the necessary cases, and to clean and sterilize all surfaces in the house, and everything you bring to the house.

Preventive measures for your child’s mental health from being affected by the epidemic

It is important to talk to your child in a calm manner and explain to him that he does not have to feel excessive fear of the epidemic, and that it does not pose a great danger to the lives of children, and that taking simple preventive measures as washing his hands, and keeping distance from others will protect him from infection.

The best way to distract your child from thinking about the virus is to keep him busy by spending a fun time playing together. It’s important as a family to spend time together cooking a meal, talk to his friends on the phone, and let him help you with the housework.

Listen and support your child and let him speak up what in his mind, and remember that he is frustrated as he misses lot of the activities, parties and sports matches that he used to enjoy.

Be cautious when you speak with your family or friends about the epidemic, do not show your anxiety about it while your child is around. When parents are worried, children feel this so you should control your anxiety in front of your children. As children highly depend on their parents for a sense of comfort and safety.


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