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Balloons Are Attractive Drawings Made By Your Hands

One of the most delightful occasions in our various occasions is the placement of balloons, especially on Christmas occasions, the birth of a new baby or any celebration, and its forms are no longer recognized only. They have become in various shapes, sizes and designs, but are expensive in their prices. And you can get balloons distinctive and eye-catching by adding some beautiful graphics and express them without costing a lot, and thus add to your personal touch them. We will give some ways and ideas to make attractive and distinctive balloons.

– Select the balloon in the shape, size and color you want. For example, for an event like a wedding anniversary party, you can use red, white, pink and black heart balloons, use your imagination and choose any type of balloon. Let the balloon in the shape of the red heart is the largest spray spread on the form of the painting you want on it and sprinkled over it glitter in a brightly colored color and be the name of the painting or any phrase known to love and influence. This gives the balloon a touch of shine and extra color, making it a nice addition as decoration. Repeat these steps with other balloons to create more ornamental.

– You can make some smiley graphics or decorations or the name of the person you wish to congratulate on his birthday, with the graphics in it. The spirit of comedy and fun is more varied and more varied, with the proper decoration of balloon graphics and festive atmosphere to be attractive.

– You can use water colors to draw on  balloons. You will make a beautiful painting and have fun in doing something special for those you love in the event you need …


• Thick cardboard paper.

• Water colors are red, green and blue.

•  2 balloon.

• Paper dishes.

• Color pens.

The method of work:

• Blow the two balloons slightly and tie each of them so that the base of each balloon is a small circle.

• Put some red colour in one of the paper dishes.

• In the other dish, place the green and blue without mixing them together.

• Dip one base of the balloons in red and print a circle on the drawing paper to represent a larva head for example or any shape you choose.

• Immerse the base of the other balloon in green and print several consecutive circles on the drawing paper to represent the body of the larva.

• Leave it dry completely and then draw the rest of the details of the larva such as eyes, horns and legs.

•You can do the painting that you want and express the spirit of the ceremony is an easy and inexpensive way at all.


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