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Be Different With A Unique Taste

Choose a beautiful Sana’a design for your home décor

We used to get decorations from the heritage art of Morocco, the Gulf, Shami and others, but there are beautiful but beautiful architectural arts remained captive within their countries and the time to release them and draw their spirit in our Arab role, and we will move you to the art of architectural wonderful heritage details that will increase the aesthetic decor of your home without doubt We have chosen the art of Sana’a from Yemen, it has artistic touches, it is still a record of a long history and a distinguished civilization. It was dedicated to the Yemeni man and he invented the architectural and architectural methods, read the article to learn about the art of Sana’a and how you can use it to give your homes an innovative and distinctive decor in a different spirit from the familiar.

Features of the Sana’a design art:

– Mud and stone are two main elements in Yemeni architecture, but stones are one of the most important materials used in construction. The Yemeni construction or known as “muqasoun” adapted these stones to take shapes and types that are beautiful and wonderful. They take the shape of rectangle, square or circle or framed shapes. The stone is cut (a quarter and a quarter) so that the outer face of the stone is left rough and the four stone edges of the outer face are equal, or they are half and stingy, so that Equal adjustment rims are suitable with click and Its stone exterior double light, but for the full Oukas is to settle the four edges of the stone outer face of the full settlement, or to be (and Waqais Laqf) so that the stones stick to each other fully attached to.

– Architecture in the old Sana’a in particular, which reflects creativity, originality, mastery and proficiency in decoration and decoration techniques, as well as the ability to blend all these elements and achieve harmony between them.

– It was able to preserve the characteristics and distinctive features of its cities and architecture, without melting into the Western modern style like the rest of many Arab cities. It has preserved its heritage and highlighted it with a developed concept.

– One of the characteristics of the art of industrial design, especially the Yemeni, in general, the so-called (Lunar), which emerged as one of the functional and aesthetic elements of the Yemeni House. It is characterized by (wooden grills), which are common in the houses of Sana’a, Shibam Hadramout and the coastal cities, which are in the form of wooden texture in beautiful decorative shapes and multiple proof on the outside windows of the building, giving it a distinctive aesthetic characteristic and obscure the vision of passersby abroad and renew the room air and water Where they are placed.

– You hardly see a house in the old city of Sana’a devoid of the “muddle”, ie the water cooler, which is a protruding on the front of the building based on the shoulders of wood or stone placed on them a wooden box is built by Piagor Technically appears from outside Mashrabia.

– Elements of beautiful design (false windows), which appear in the façades in the form of a real window while it is just a full frame of the window is closed with stone or ivory interspersed with one or more openings.

– It is characterized by various decorative forms, such as the Yemeni belt with broken lines and the colored glass luster above each window, where they enter the decoration and drawing with stone.

– The first stage of the house is made of black stone (basalt) in both types (deaf and violin). Basalt is basically deafened at a height of 60 cm above the surface of the earth, due to resistance of this kind of stone to moisture and salts.

– The upper floors of the white stone and the igor are built and are covered with wood, sticks and slabs. The walls and ceilings are covered with a mixture of straw, silt and first layer.

– The house is made from the industrial and the warehouses and warehouses «Epic» in addition to the Diwan and the chamber of Diwan and Albert and Muscat and  Dima Stage and a photographer and a solar cell.

Inspire your home decoration from Sana’a art

If you want to excel and give your home a special decorative touch and unique and different from the familiar, you can use one of the technical features that we mentioned for the art of manufacturing and inspired by the work of decor of one of the rooms or rooms of your home, making a lunar colored, and put stones and painted or decorated, or you can build wonderful Mashrabia wood and others Of the artistic touches of this area and will have a distinctive spirit of your home to show a unique taste.


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