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Beautifully Designed Jewelry Protects Newborn And Children Skin

Beautifully designed jewelry protects newborn and children skin

When you have the occasion of the birth of a child for a member of your family or friends or the birthday of one of your best friends or relatives or on the occasion of the holidays, and you want to be unique and innovative and safe on the health of the child as a priority and at reasonable prices, although luxury, it  is not more beautiful than giving him a piece of jewelry especially for children and newborns You can present a gift of luxury jewelry designed specifically for them from necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pins, taking into account the sensitive skin of the child, made with materials and ways to protect his skin, as in the games and clothing for children and newborns.

If you want to send gifts to friends or relatives for the occasion of their children or newborns, Bibi Fitaihi, the leading jewelry brand for children and newborns in the Gulf region, has a variety of contemporary designs of premium 18k gold jewelry, high quality diamonds and stones. Gems and pearls … We show you some of them

A collection of classical jewelry with earrings, bracelets and necklaces with beautiful designs that are suitable for the occasion of the holidays and birthdays of 18 carat gold and also decorated with diamonds and other inlaid with precious stones choose what you prefer from them.

My Princess Collection features pieces for your little princesses this season to show them and give them high-end jewelry to celebrate the strong bond that brings you together. There are a variety of options such as soft necklaces, attractive bracelets, 18 karat gold earrings, high quality diamonds, precious stones and pearls.


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