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Before You Think About The Color And Model Of The Curtain Select The Appropriate Cloth

Window curtain fabrics vary, and not all fabrics are suitable for your home It is not random. You may like curtain cloth, but it is not suitable for the place or room you will place it. The type of fabric is related to the lighting, the shape of the window, the atmosphere of the area where you live, One of the factors you will know about here, and we will be your guide to choose the best and the most beautiful.

1 – When choosing the color, model and curtain cloth you should know the nature of the room in which you will put the curtain is a main salon or bedrooms or corridor or children’s rooms, then you will define your options either luxurious or simple and soft.

2- Fabrics such as velvet, silk and chiffon will be the main saloon to be suitable for the nature of the atmosphere in the country where you live, You can choose light curtain fabrics such as dandelion and silk to allow you to enter the light and the sun without having to open it if you are in a country in a hot climate. Fabrics such as linen will be suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms for easy cleaning of this cloth and its ability to block light and heat For a quiet sleep, cotton cloth is suitable for the kitchen and corridors for easy cleaning also, it is important that the fabrics are equipped with a buffer material for easy to clean and remove stains on them.

3. Even your choice of curtain inscriptions depends on the nature of the room and the shape of the window. Unlike the fine fabrics that fit into every corner of the house, the small patterned curtains are suitable for small windows. Large embellishments are suitable for large windows. Geometrical and straight lines are suitable for contemporary modern furniture, while rose patterns are suitable for classic style furniture.

4 – Before choosing the curtain model, choose the appropriate for the room model and the shape and size of the window; the small window or the window of the bedrooms not suited to the complex model, but a simple model far from the cost.

5 – You must specify the colors of curtain fabrics according to the color of the wall and the colors of the furniture in the rooms, all the colors of the curtains must be uniform in the house except the colors of the bedrooms, which you should choose light colors such as light pink or light, the rooms for children prefer to be placed Curtains with cheerful colors and attractive graphics. You can also choose the pure white color of the window blinds to be comfortable for the nerves, and you can resort to the dark colors of the salons either with classic or modern furniture.


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