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Choose the right cat for your lifestyle and family

If you are a cat lover, know that when you bring a new cat home, make the decision carefully. Choosing the right cat for you (as well as for your lifestyle, family and environment) ensures that both you and the cat have a sense of happiness and a healthy, comfortable life.

How to choose the right cat for you

– If you live in a flat or even a large house the cat is a wonderful choice.

– Make sure you have enough time for him; he does not need as much time as dogs but it is important to keep in mind the time you spend with him. If you do not have time to play with your cat and take care of food and care and communicate with him, think that it is not a good time to acquire a cat.

– You should be able to give at least an hour a day to the cat to help him connect with you and feel happy and safe.

– You have to know that the adornment takes from one third to half an hour especially if you have ever purchased a long hair strain. If you choose short-headed cats such as Shirazi and Himalayan you need to clean around the eyes to prevent infection.

– Small cats need to care more because they need training to use a sandbox and stop scratching furniture and so on.

– It’s important that your budget allows you to take care of it. The cost varies depending on whether the cat is a small kitten or never adult, the type of breed it has acquired and veterinary care. Small mules are more expensive to take care of at first because they need vaccinations, sterilization and spraying, while the big cat is less expensive to feed.

– Look beyond the shape of the cat. You should not just look at it. There is nothing to dislike the cat but make sure that your choice is not just a form.

– Go to visit a local cat shelter, animal shelters and cat breeders have a large group of cats that need loving homes. Visit a shelter near you or search online for a cat that needs shelter through your network of acquaintances. Adopting cats from shelters is less expensive than buying them from a pet shop.

– Choose the right type of cat to keep you together, the type and age of the cat affects your relationship to him; do you want a cat sitting on your stone, or you want an active line that will interact with you.

– Choose good cat food, you can look at its prices, and take an idea of the potential cost.

– Consider health problems. If you or someone in your family has allergies or health problems, consider the effect of having a cat on them. Many people are allergic to saliva, urine or pet fur. Know well how long the cat breed you intend to possess will help you avoid allergies


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