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Creative And Attractive Ideas For Wrapping Your Gifts By Cloth

It is a good thing that you care for the gift, its value and type, but its effect will not be complete unless you care for the way it is wrapped, particularly if it is done in a creative and attractive manner making the person to whom you present like it, even if it is a simple gift. There are several ways of wrapping a gift, and we have selected different ideas for you to wrap it in cloth.

The Furoshiki art is a Japanese modern art to wrap gifts using fabric or old garments, which is considered as one of the best creative methods for recycling used cloths, and therefore keeping the environment clean and reduce wastes to the minimum possible extent. Square cloth pieces played a major role in the ancient arts which used them as a method of wrapping and packing gifts in japan. Then, this modern creative art was conveyed as a means reflecting the aesthetic means and one of the form of conversing the environment, by reducing the wasting of things. All what you have to do is to gather your old garments then cut them up into square shapes to wrap the gift.

  • The wrapping of the gift may take several shapes and ways.  You can wrap a box and tie it on top, stick the cloth pieces to the box, use gift tapes, or use flowers on top of the cloth. You can also write attractive words on the cloth.
  • You can wrap gifts with satin fabric which is one of the best, delicate and attractive fabrics that can be used to wrap gifts to give them a beautiful appearance. Therefore, put the gift inside the satin fabric, then wrap it on top by following the same method of natural flowers, artificial flowers, or use the wrapping tapes as you desire.
  • Select chiffon fabric for wrapping, which is elegant and wonderful., and can be found in many sizes and colors according to the size of the gift.
  • Use printed linen or canvas fabric bags on which the name of the person to whom the gift is presented is written, or you can print a symbol expressing it. Then, stitch it in a rectangular manner using the needle and thread, or buy it readymade from the market and draw whatever you desire on it.
  • Use lace napkins as a closed elegant envelope to present a gift of money with nice words.Use wool, which is a simple idea that will not only give you a unique appearance at the end but will also add more warmth to the gift. You can cut them from an old pullover in which to wrap your gift in the same manner as you do with plain paper.

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