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Discover the magical world of ornamental fish

There is no doubt that ornamental fish of various types is one of the wonderful decorative touches that give your home a magic and a special nature, and there are many fans of these creatures, despite their smallness, but they attract attention and move the imagination with their wonderful colors and beauty, so if you are in the breeder of your ornamental names, it will interest you to know what you choose from them and a basin The perfect embellishment you have to provide for her, accompany us and discover this beautiful, spacious world.

You should know the following:

Before you go to the pet store, be careful so that you do not attend a species that you do not like or do not know how to care for, so you need to know the types of fish and the conditions and requirements for their livelihood. Each species differs from the other and therefore requires special and different attention from the other species, some of which prefer to live in groups and some of them Living alone, as some of the species adapt to live with other species that do not belong to their species and some do not. Likewise, you must know the types of fish that live in fresh and salt water and the appropriate temperature for them and when the season comes when each species mates and how they are taken care of and their young, so read first On the types of species, their shapes, and what they need, will you be able to provide the appropriate environment for them, or not so that you do not bring them to the home and die after several days.

– After you determine the type of fish that you will acquire, it will be easy for you to know the size and shape of the pond that you need for it. Fish that live in salty water love to live in large places, so the pelvis must be large enough to suit its natural environment. As for fish that live separately, it is often small Exposed, it does not need water refining, temperature control, and other luxuries, but the large aquarium is usually better in terms of shape and convergence with the natural environment of the fish. It is preferable to equip the aquarium with glass because its degree of transparency is high and solid and can withstand the pressure of water, the deposits do not relate to it and can be cleaned easily, it does not interact with the water and changes its chemical composition

Keep in mind that the higher the number of fish in the tank, this means that you must constantly clean the tank in order not to poison the fish as a result of contamination of water with their droppings. So provide water purification and purification devices, oxygen supply, etc.

– Make sure that the aquarium is as similar as possible to its natural environment, in terms of decorations, plants and organisms that live with it, so before you buy fish you must buy all the necessary decors for it, whether it is caves, plants, coral reefs, snails, etc., all of this depends entirely on The shape and type of water in which fish live in their natural environment, for example, coral reef fish need several places in order to hide from the eyes if they want, they use the reef to hide, sleep and live in their environment, so if you want your fish to look very vibrant and bright then you must feel as if they are in their habitat ..

– You can prepare the appropriate place for the basin in your home, to take into account young children and other pets, especially cats. The basin should be far away from their hands so as not to be tampered with. And that it is not in a place exposed to direct sunlight until green algae do not form that give opacity to the basin and obscure vision, and that it is far from the direct air stream, and to be placed on an iron holder and it is available in specialized stores. The basin is smooth and has no protrusion so that the pelvis is not broken, and there must be a piece of rubber or plastic under the base so that the base of the pelvis is not exposed to a crack

Run the tank at least two weeks before purchasing the fish; In order to help form beneficial bacteria that usually live in water, these bacteria get rid of excess ammonia and help the fish to live in a healthy way, because ammonia can cause serious problems for fish that ends in death, so do not rush, the higher the operating time before buying fish, the better. .

When you put your fish in the tank, be sure to feed them at specified times, at most, twice daily.


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