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Double Love Around You by Gift

Double love around you by gift

Some people neglect to give gifts either intentionally or for forgetfulness or for whatever reason, and others may misrepresent or offer gifts. They fail to achieve their goal of spreading love. We may succeed in convincing you of the importance of the gift and the role it plays in winning love around you. The gift is to multiply love and appreciation for you.

– It is imperative that you want to give the gift stems from yourself, not because someone asked you to do so. The more dedication and sense of importance, the greater the fruit and the achievement of the greatest love, especially with those who disagree with them, to show feelings of love and appreciation orally is not enough sometimes, if you want to win the love of others.

– Gifts are obligatory as a reward for the parents of their children, but the gifts of events such as marriage, birth, graduation and holidays are obligatory custom and when you do not give a gift, it has a bad impact in the same who should give him the gift should not neglect gifts according to your ability.

– There is another kind of gift that is not expected, that is, not on a particular occasion, such as giving a wife her husband’s land, or a husband who assisted his wife in a job or a son who managed to overcome a bad character, or dedicate the worker to you for her dedication to serve you, , The effect of this kind of gifts is greater because it is not expected, more than such gifts to remain friendly and loving with those around you River of love is always running in the hearts of others towards us.

– Because of the influence that the gift leaves on the same recipient, it was urged by our true religion, as our Prophet Muhammad PBUH said ” Give gifts to get beloved” “تهادوا ، تحابوا”.

If the gift is important for all, it is the wife and child more important and need more, marital life is not free of problems, except behaviors that the husband unintentionally and be a victim of the wife and vice versa. For those who want marital happiness, he has gifts as much as he can.

The gift may sometimes lose its meaning if it is not presented in the correct and required manner, such as delay by giving it weeks or months, or for not providing it properly, such as packaging and other things.

It is important to know that the gift is an expression of taste, morals and noble feelings, a reaction that reflects the feeling of joy and thanks and generosity is a healing balsam.


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