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Exhibition for Kuwaiti photographers’ Creativity

The most important techniques you need to learn about architectural photography

The artistic and cultural mobility is very strong in Kuwait these days, where exhibitions, art workshops, crafts and various activities in these fields are held here and there, and this beautiful healthy environment makes us pursue the CLH because we believe that the societies in which the wheel of arts and crafts are undoubtedly vibrant , civilized, and. sophisticated communities One of the exhibitions that we followed their events was the exhibition of the art of architectural photography, which included 21 works, a summary of artistic passion and the beauty and creativity of Kuwaiti photographers brought together the art of architectural photography in a distinguished exhibition adorned with the lobbies of the Museum of Modern Art of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters.

Where they presented a variety of paintings of architecture and focused on the beauty of geometric shapes and different architectural designs, while other paintings focused on the art of Minimal, which balance the photographer between the negative space and elements in the image in order to give it more value.

Many may not know about this art, and many would like to learn it. So we will provide the most important outlines, and if you start this art you can access to several sites that explain this area

What is Architectural Photography?

It is a dazzling art through which the photographer takes care of photographing the buildings and highlighting its beauty in artistic ways. There are two kinds of architectural photography, both external and internal, through which the photographer takes unusual angles to the building to give the viewer the best possible picture. Moving, to give the inspiration he wants from the picture, whether calm, practical, busy or well-being.

For an excellent architectural image:

Be aware of the source of light and direction because they directly affect the shade and heat colors, which changes the spirit of the image and its final form, and in the case of difficult to control the light to use the technology of (DS) or filter (ND), which allows you to reduce lighting in some places and maintain them Other parts in the picture

You can use different lenses such as wide lenses or the eye of the fish, which give a different form of the views of the scene, and so you can use the panorama in architectural photography to show the building and its location as well as show the atmosphere of the general.

You can combine the types of photography, for example you can photograph buildings in the style of silhouette in the sunset, and here gives the building an unusual snapshot and shows the overall shape of the building.
In architectural photography you are to rely entirely on the clarity of the weather because it is possible and from the dramatic scenes to photograph buildings in different weather conditions (such as rain, dense clouds …) This method gives the viewer a different look and sign of the building.

You can study the work in a way that gives you accurate and detailed information on the subject of the picture. This pre-work study allows you to create a good and suitable idea to access a view that serves the building. For example, if you are photographing the monumental buildings, you should refer to the date of the building. Absent from a lot of viewers, this also applies to modern buildings where you can show evolution and progress in architecture.

You can photograph the buildings from a strange angle, for example you can take the snapshot from the ground to the top and highlight the size and height and shape of the building, in this way the picture is outside the scope of the basic rules in photography, and this technique is useful in the portrayal of buildings from the inside and highlight the internal architecture and atmosphere in the building.


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