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How to Clean Your Paint Brushes?

From the best soap to use to drying techniques, here’s what you have to do

Whether you’re painting the walls of your home or a canvas, cleaning your brushes after each use is paramount. Washing your brushes is important to keep the bristles soft and to clear out color pigment from the paint . Frequent cleaning and conditioning will make brushes last longer and maintain a predictable stroke.

Of course, certain brushes, and more specifically, bristle types require different cleaning techniques. Some brush bristle types clean much more easily than others. Brushes made of synthetic materials, like our poly/nylon blend brushes , can usually be cleaned with soap and water, assuming you used a water-based paint. brushes made of natural materials, such as animal hair or fur, need to be treated more delicately, especially when washing out oil paint. Brushes used with oil paints require mineral spirits, paint thinner, or a slow drying oil for a thorough cleaning, followed by soap and water.

Here are some tips to follow:

-Clean after every use.

-Wash each brush correctly.

-Treat brushes used for oil paints differently.

-Try a paint brush comb.

-Dry upside down.

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