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If You Are a Shy and Introverted Person, Here Are The Jobs That Suits You.

Sometimes we should be realistic and face our personality’s weakness and work on choosing careers that suit us the best. In this article, we will talk about people with introversion character, perhaps it’s hard for them to find the right jobs in which they feel comfortable and in which they can unleash their potential. If you are one of those antisocial people, we may help you find what suits you to unleash your creativity at work. Join us…

First, we will state the main characteristics of the shy, introverted personality, so that you can assets if you belong to thing category and thus will find what job’s suits your personality the best.

Most important traits of an introverted personality

People tend to isolate themselves or be with small groups of people.

They tend to listen noticing more than speaking and talking.

In social situations they tend to wait for others to approach them rather than initiate and do so on their own.

They spend more time before speaking or before taking a step.

They have a calm and contemplative behavior.

They have good knowledge about a few topics rather than having shallow knowledge of a lot.

They tend to work independently without the need for supervision.

They avoid showing their feelings.

They have limited contact with the outside world.

Best job for shy / introverted personalities

Working from home and work environments that are not crowded with people, is ideal for them especially if they are from the introverted personality category, the perfect jobs for this category are database manager, chef, electrical or electronic engineering technician, architect, mechanical, Carpenter. Welding, dental laboratory technician, animal trainer.

Another type of shy people who are introverted thinkers, as they participate in social events in a very limited way and tend to think deeply, and they spend a lot of time operating their imaginations and reviewing their behavior. They are very creative, able to think outside the box and see the bigger picture of things around them, good listeners and respect the ideas of others. The best jobs for them are in the sectors of engineering, technology and design such as aerospace engineering, industrial engineering, civil engineering, computer programmer, web development, electronic game design, fashion design. Interior design, and graphic design.

There is a group of anxious introverts who prefer to remain isolated from others because of their feelings of tension and fear in social occasions. These are the best jobs for them that require a high amount of attention to fine details. Such as statisticians, civil aviator, technical writer, accountant or auditor, medical laboratory technician, aircraft mechanic, sound engineering technologist, auto mechanic, and editor.

There is a type of introverts called restricted because they are very restricted in their behavior. They perform tasks slower than others, and do not respond quickly when given the opportunity to speak or make decisions, however they are gifted by deep thinking before doing anything, clever at providing advice and wisdom, and they have a comprehensive view of things, and are not afraid of challenges. The best jobs for them are all fields of science, astronauts, geologists, financial advisors, management analysts, and market research specialists. creative writers and authors, biologists.


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