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It’s time for your baby to enjoy healthy foods

We all know that saying is much easier than doing, so instilling healthy eating habits in your children from an early age is very important but not easy at all. It is one of the best pedagogical practices you are sure to take into account, and you do your best as many parents do to ensure that your child has a regular and balanced diet these days. However, each time you approach your child with a bowl of salad or fresh fruit, you will see his nose and face move away, eventually finding yourself feeding your crying baby by force only to make sure he or she gets his share of essential vitamins and nutrients. The final result leaves you tired with an unhappy child who has not eaten half the meal that he should have eaten! To reach a stage of uncertainty about the true result of whether your child really benefited from the meal.

There are suggestions from experts at IndiaJet about how to make your child enjoy healthy eating.

Alternative food ingredients: Whatever you try children will still be children! All you will have are cakes, biscuits, burgers and much more, and make sure that trying to stop them will only increase their craving and appetite. Instead, replace the unhealthy ingredients in these foods with healthy choices. Ingredients such as quinoa, honey, shea seeds, flaxseeds etc. are healthy alternatives to your usual ingredients such as refined flour, sugar, peanut butter etc. You can choose homemade cookies instead of those fatty, sugar-filled cookies in the shops! or try the quinoa delicious and healthy taco at the same time!

Juices: Children generally enjoy milkshakes, so instead of serving them with sliced ​​fruits and vegetables, make them as a juice instead (smothy), where you can add a teaspoon of shea seeds for a tasty and useful outcome that your child will definitely love!

Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds are the best choice for a snack. Make sure your child is carrying a bag of nuts and mixed seeds at all times. You can always roast or mix with honey and heat to get a sweet and healthy taste at the same time that your kids certainly enjoy.

Basic food alternatives: Substitute staple foods such as rice and bread with healthy substitutes such as quinoa, brown sprouting rice! Make these healthy food choices at an early age so that they become part of their basic diet.


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