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Make your own makeup on your own occasions with professional experts

You do not have to go to the salon to make your makeup when you have an occasion. Many occasions and going to a makeup or salon expert cost you a lot. You can do it at home and make up as professional and as the result you get in the salon by the make-up expert. Following them, there are many videos on YouTube that help you. Here’s what experts do step by step.

Professional makeup artist cosmetics tools, closeup. Collection of cosmetology accessories

1- Before you desire and give your hands to use Vondichen and Haileter first advise you to wash your face and then use a pleasant peel to save you from dirt and dead skin, or use a face lotion containing peeling ingredients and this of course saves your time and gives you smooth skin at the fastest time,

2- Put the Vondishn on the entire skin and you give a touch of glamor and glow by using a little of the Haillitter. Apply it to your cheeks and above the eyebrows, but mix it thoroughly first by rubbing it on your fingers

3-  The liquid eyeliner is suitable for all eye shapes and colors. Apply this type of eyeliner near the upper lash line as much as possible, and be a fine line. You do not have to inflate it heavily, in which case your eyes appear smaller than normal.

4- Try the bright shadows above the middle of the eyelid, which gives gravity to your eyes. Apply a foundation to the eye, then a pale color and then apply it to shiny shades

5- Gives you false eyelashes very attractive, all you have to put a mascara for the eye, and then followed by the addition of these eyelashes. For a thick and attractive look, use only on the outer lines of the eyelashes.

6- Identify the inner frame of your eye eyeliner blue eyeliner, where it reduces the proportion of red color with tired eyes, and gives the whiteness of your eyes more light and veins.

7- Do not stick to traditional colors worn like brown and lead. You have to increase the ceiling of your ambition and use the modern colors of the eye to speak of romance and renewal. Try blue, lime and even orange. Apply any of these colors on the inner line of the eyelids.

8- Red is still the first on the throne of colors for your lips in the months, along with peach color and red color to orange, just select them by the selection around the line of lips and filled with lipstick, then press your fingertips to distribute correctly. Follow with another layer of color and add a little polisher to the middle area of ​​the lower lip.


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