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Painting the walls of your home affects your psyche!

Living room with high ceilings and architectural featuresLiving room with high ceilings and architectural features

The colors in which we paint the walls of our houses have a huge impact on our lives, yes. It affects psychologically, as our perception of colours relates to what is associated with our past, our culture and our experience with it. Moreover, the degree and intensity of color can affect us emotionally, for example, any bright color can help to relax by looking at it, so it is important to choose the right color depending on the colors of the furniture and other household items, and other factors. We will provide some of the necessary elements to choose the colors of the wall paint, and we will learn about the latest trends in this field.

Things to Consider:

Furniture is one of the basic criteria when choosing the color of the place, when you use dark-colored furniture such as brown chocolate, you must paint the walls in a way that achieves color harmony, and we find that warm colors such as red, orange and yellow are very compatible with brown furniture. While you can choose cold colors such as blue, pink and violet in a room with white furniture, while not losing sight of the surface style enjoyed by the furniture, in terms of being extinguished or shiny, when you put furniture in a dark color gloss, the reflection of the light released can affect the color of the walls, and show them slightlydifferent.

The size of the rooms of the house plays an important role in the choice of paint colors, if they are large you have the freedom to choose between dark or light colors but when the rooms are small you are restricted by painting them in light colors, to give them a hint of breadth.

View at a modern sofa with living room setup. There is a table with decorative pieces, blanket, a carpet with pattern , a lamp. Design is modern and minimalist. Dark gray wall behind. Scandinavian style. 3D render

The colors of the walls reflect the character of homeowners

The colors you choose for your home can reflect your personality, and say a lot about your hobbies, nature and taste. In general, people who wear dark colors are known to be nice, while practical people tend to choose neutral colors such as beige and gray, while some resort to white or one of its hierarchies either as stereotypical routine characters or quiet and peaceful characters, or who have a phobia, they have the easiest and safest choice

Contemporary lounge / living room with sofa, curtains, table and vases

The trends and the wall painting colors!

  • The fashion of painting walls is influenced by many factors, such as what people talk about on social media, what catches their attention, events ahead, seasons, fashion trends, technology, and food. In addition, she is affected by lifestyle change and to keep up with thischange.
  • Fashion does not change constantly for painting walls and paints, unlike in fashion, where the fashion of painting the walls does not follow specific seasons, but depends more on factors related to the place and taste of the customer. Weather conditions have some effect on the choice of colors, with people in the summer preferring to choose the calm blue and green colors that bring the feeling of the coastal atmosphere to the heart of the house, in an effort to ease the summerheat.

Decorators determine fashion trends according to the four seasons of the year: winter, spring, summer and autumn, climatic conditions have some effect on the choice of colors, as in summer people prefer to choose the quiet blue and green colors that make the coastal atmosphere feel fresh throughout the house, in an effort to ease the summer heat


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