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Pick accessories for your cat that combine beauty, education and entertainment

When you own a cat, not everything you prepare for is essential accessories such as eating, sleeping, and cleaning, but entertainment is also important, as well as arranging its appearance to reflect your personality and the extent of your care and pampering for it. There are many beautiful and distinctive accessories available in pet supplies stores that you can buy from. We will show you the most suitable accessories for cats that reflect their beauty, arrangement and how keen you are to take care of them

– You can pamper your cat by allocating a distinctive bed for her that will be either in the form of an elegant embroidered basket or be of soft cotton fabric and embroidered with crocheted edges or woolen threads to enjoy the warmth and make it more relaxing, and you can also make a bed for her in the form of a large pod in attractive colors, and if you can not design it These cases are ready to be found in pet accessories stores.

– The most distinctive accessories for cats are the bracelet or collar that surrounds its neck and is made of leather and hangs from it a beautiful relationship from which you choose what fits the shape of your cat or carries a letter from its name, or you can design the collar yourself in the way you like it, colored and embroidered in several ways to give your cat a kind of beauty Special.

– There are some accessories for cats that combine the functions of cosmetic and disease prevention and loss, and at the same time the cat is accustomed to human habits such as eliminating the need in specific dates and places, sleeping in a specific place and other daily needs, such as chains, it is one of the most beautiful accessories From the shape of a cat, and give a wonderful appearance and can be used to write his name on it and his address to protect it from being lost in the event of leaving the house, and there are some chains supported with devices that prevent the accumulation of microbes, viruses and insect transmission as well. You can also bring a medical comb with steel teeth to facilitate combing without Harm him especially if the cat’s hair was long, even his food dish is preferable to be of steel, because the plastic dish interacts with the food.

– You can make her wear a beautiful hat or tie from any fabric she loves for a classic look or put a sporty cap on her head and wear a special sports blouse that takes the shape of her body at the middle area to take her for a morning picnic, any appearance you want your cat to be on can find these clothes through A large assortment of them are available in specialty stores.

There are accessories for cats that are not only tasked with playing them, but there are accessories in addition to its basic feature in entertainment. It also raises the rate of his intelligence, such as a wooden column hanging from a thread connected to a small toy to train the cat in running skills, and you can also bring a wooden box with a set of holes and a ball Small and the cat must obtain it as this game develops intelligence, and all these games are found in the stores of pets.


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