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Prepare Your Newborn Baby Essentials List

The arrival of a new baby requires you to prepare at least two months before your due date, preferably before that so that you can move in the mall more lightly, as in the last month you will be loaded, the important thing is to write a list of your new baby’s basic needs so that you do not forget anything and don’t have to go shopping more than once. This will make it easier for you to know everything you need and all the places you will go to buy from… now we will go over the things you will need…

You will need:

Electric and manual breast pumps to help you breastfeed your baby.

Feeding bottles in case you cannot breast-feed your baby, due to mastitis or milk insufficiency.

Sterilizers for nipples and sterilizers for feeding bottles.

One pack only of formula milk in case your baby suffers from allergies, discomfort or constipation from this particular brand.

A bottle cleaning brush to clean the bottles every time you feed your baby.

Thermos flask to keep hot water and use to mix formula and prepare milk.

A bib to avoid milk spilling onto your baby’s neck and clothes while breastfeeding.

Two light and thick blankets in case the weather is cold make sure it’s high quality and free of lint.

A bed with a soft cotton cover and mattress protectors to ensure your child has a dry and comfortable bed to sleep in and has a thin pillow as well.

A baby monitor from a reliable brand will help you monitor your sleeping baby. Make sure it’s the rechargeable type that last the longest.

Diapers from 0 to 3 months size.

Premium quality diaper rash cream.

Wet wipes to clean your baby in a gentle and healthful way.

Clothes: Onesies, pajamas with simple stitches, avoid the presence of beads, heavy decorations, sequins, ribbons, laces, and buttons, because they may cause suffocation risks or be a source of skin irritation. Do not buy a lot of clothes because newborns grow quickly. Consider the weather after your birth is while buying the newborn clothes.

Hats to cover your newborn’s head to keep the baby warm and make him feel safe. Cotton hats that cover baby’s ears are the best choice.

A swaddling wrap makes your baby feel safe and warm, not to mention easy to carry.

A plastic bathtub.

Light colored cotton towels.

Free of perfume that does not cause tears baby shampoo and body wash.

Body oil for newborns, organic gentle oil is recommended.

Baby cream to moisturize the skin of your newborn, which should be applied after every bath. Test it on your baby skin before applying all over his body.

The chair or tilt bed, to put it in it and be by your side wherever you are.

The stroller so that you can take it out when needed.

The car seat so that you can put it in to keep it safe while you are out in the car, whether you are driving the car or someone else does.


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