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Preparing Drinks Menu For a Café Requires Intellect and Art

When you think of opening a coffee shop, you never underestimate the process of planning the menu, it’s as important as the successful management, the café interior design, and of course the taste and variety of the drinks it offers. Carefully planning the menu can play a big role in attracting customers to your coffee shop. Therefore, we will present to you the points that you should take into consideration when preparing the list

In the beginning, you have to observe what customers preferred/favorite drinks in a café, so it becomes easier to know the list of what you will present in your café easily.

After knowing the list of drinks that you will serve, in most cases, there will be different types of coffee from American coffee to espresso, other types of coffee. As well as cold drinks from juices and light sandwiches, candy bars and cookies.

You have to acquire the best machines for making these drinks in order to last you long, you need a cappuccino maker, an American coffee machine, another for espresso, one for juices, an ice machine, a slash machine, a microwave, cups of different sizes, elegant trays for serving drinks, and plates for serving sandwiches and desserts, and spoons and forks of all sizes.

Choose your coffee beans from reliable and good sources and ensure that they are fresh and good-smelling, it will attract your customers to your coffee shop at any time of the day.

Know your customer and what their preferred order on every morning visit. Smart reporting by creating a file for each client; to be aware of what he will be asking for every day, and at any time in particular, which helps your team to build a strong relationship with customers. It is important that you think about the services that you will provide in the coffee shop to attract customers to stay longer in the cafe and order more drinks, such as providing free and fast internet.

When designing the menu, it must match the branding and ambiance of the café. It will attract your visitors with not only the quality of the drinks and desserts prepared, but also from their names, we recommend you to avoid common names. For example, you can make it with the same names as cappuccino, and you can add extra letters to it according to the name of the café or a word next to the name of the drink, and be creative with  the description.

Make sure that the menu contains between 30-40 drinks, and the rest of the dishes such as desserts, sandwiches and juices are within 10-15 dishes. The more variety and options you have, would attract more people.

You can update your menu with drinks and dishes inspired by holidays and events such as national holidays and New Year by preparing classic drinks with new additions and flavor.

Consider the exclusiveness of your cafe when creating the menu, for example, having drinks and “chef signature” dishes is a great way to attract customers.

Placing artistic touches like a coffee caricature and your logo on the menu enhances the style of the café.

It will be special to put a corner that reminds your customers of the substances that you use in your drinks and dishes that might cause allergies, so that each drink is presented in accordance with it’s health condition.


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