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Professionally design your restaurant menu

It plays a big role in attracting customers

You should know that you’re planning to create a menu that will be served in your restaurant can increase or decrease customers traffic. So, you have to define the menu design according to the type of restaurant you will open. Here we will help you on how to make the menu more attractive to you .. join us


That the ideal food menu is one in which includes distinctive and preferred dishes for the customers are presented, so the customer wants to see a special offer on the menu that encourages him to buy the dish.

Remember your menu should get you good sales.

You have to see what any nearby restaurant offers, and take enough time to review what they put on their menus, whether in terms of the dishes they serve, or the menu design itself, or the prices of the dishes, all of which are factors that push the customer to prefer a restaurant over others, so make your restaurant the choice The favorite of customers, and display a menu that enables you to succeed in your competition with neighboring restaurants, and display dishes that they do not offer.

Stick to seven to eight options in each category on the menu, whether in side dishes, appetizers, or main dishes, as the various options happen to confuse the customer.

Choose a design that is simple and comfortable to the customer’s eye.

Do not place the most expensive dishes at the top of the list and in the middle of it. Most of the customers usually drop their eyes to the bottom of the list in search of a dish that they can afford, so use this part of the page to place the dishes that will increase your profits. Avoid placing the dishes you want to sell at the back of the menu, nor the bottom left corner of the menu, but you can use them for special meals for the kids.

Colors have a psychological effect on the customers so you need to pay attention to the color that you choose for the menu, for example the yellow color draws their attention, and the red gives a sense of hunger.

Place a description of the dishes in an attractive way, which attracts the customer’s attention and raises his curiosity to try the dish.

You must have a special menu for special occasions and holidays, and design it in a new and modern way.

Ensure that the description of the dishes in the menu matches what you are actually serving, also that the image of the dish in the menu is the same as the real dish that will be presented to the customer.

Ensure that the menu contains a variety of dishes that is suitable for all tastes. Such as considering the presence of healthy foods with few calories for those who are in a diet, a list of foods for vegetarians, and so on.

 The menu must be both in the official language of the country with one or more foreign languages depending on the nationality of the customers.

Prices must be written next to each item, as well as the percentage of service and sales it should be made of paperboard and coated.

Standard menu arrangement

Appetizers – soups – salads – main dishes – desserts – fruit / cheese


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