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Proven Benefits of Olive Oil

Among the proven benefits of olive oil are the following:

Regulates blood sugar levels. Consuming it daily and including it in the diet improves blood sugar level control, as it is one of the foods that contain unsaturated and healthy fats.

It is useful in treating gallbladder diseases through its ability to break up gravel and urinary sand, and increases the secretion of bile in the liver, and that is by eating two to six spoons of it daily.

Reduces levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and increases the rates of beneficial cholesterol, as it thus enhances the health of arteries and the heart. It boosts the body’s immune system against various diseases.

It calms the nerves, and reduces tension and anxiety.

It treats muscle weakness and cramps by applying it. It treats respiratory problems, such as relieving asthma, coughing, and airway inflammation, and is either by drinking it or by applying it over your chest.


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