Graphic Design

Get branded: We will give ideas and tips for people who need to start a small business in how to start branding your business. We will offer in each month one winner that will get 50% off for the branding package

Art & Design

Architecture consultation section:

We offer architectural consultation design service in addition to, interior design consultation, and landscaping design consultation to your projects. Price will be determined according to the project.

Each month we will choose a winner to design his dream house: the price will vary according to the specification of the project, with one condition of using his design for our commercial benefits.

Interior design section

• Before and after:

design one space or room and give our recommendations, and tips send an email regarding before and after service.

• Show and tell:

where people will share their photos of their places (bedrooms- kitchens-storages-.etc.) and we will comment on these images and give our advices and consultations send an email regarding show and tell service.

• Design high for low:

In this section we will recommend how you can get a very luxury style design with affordable budget from recommended shops and brands

send an email regarding design high for low service.


In addition to our inspirational ideas and feedback on this aspect we have two packages to offer

• Individual package: gifts, and consultation for your event

• Corporate package: gifts, and consultation for your event will provide a service of selling gifts and set gifts (creative one of a kind pieces) along with giving advices and consultation for your occasion.

• Advertisement package: companies who are specialized in the gift and giveaways products we can provide advertisement services for them in our site. Please contact us to know more about advertisement policy.

CLH will also offer the elite designer in the field of products design and home accessories, to be part of Munasaba products (please check the consignment policy)


Local, national, and international artist are welcomed to present and exhibit their products and art creations in our platform whether they want to sell it or just show it. Please check our advertisements policy regarding CLH shop.

Product Design

CLH will have a collection of very unique pieces that are designed by talented artist around the world to be available for you with simple click and delivered to your doorstep

CLH will also offer the elite designer in the field of products design and home accessories, to be part of CLH VIP products

Companies & Brands

CLH is gathering the fine and elite shops and brands in one place to make it easier for the users to access the majority of professional industries with one click.

CLH By Warshat Service

If you have a talent and you are creative and want to be part of CLH Warshat family, send us an email to receive the membership policy