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Stunning Facts about the Eiffel Tower

1. When this huge tower was opened in 1889 it was considered as the highest building in the world.

2 – Because of its high height, the Eiffel Tower painted three different degrees of color. Dark grade at the base of the building and lighter at the top.

3 – In 1912 developer parachute jumping (Parachute) decided to test his invention in the Eiffel Tower jumped from the third floor and died.

4 – Before handing Paris to the Germans during the Second World War, the French sabotage the elevators of the Eiffel Tower so as not to enjoy the enemies of the most famous landmarks of the city. But Hitler did not stop him and climbed the tower on his feet. 

5 – Miniature versions of the Eiffel Tower are located in different parts of the world. Las Vegas, China, Romania, Copenhagen, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.

6 – In the period between 1925 – 1934 Citroen used the four corners of the tower as a billboard and was the largest advertising in the period.


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