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Take Photos Like a Professional with Your Smartphone

All of us take photos through smart phones, at any time without the need to carry a professional or digital camera, especially after many companies provide their phones with high-resolution cameras and advanced imaging features compete with professional cameras, but many of the images do not come out with the required quality, Many of the flaws resulting from the misuse of the camera, so we will give you some guidance, according to experts in this area.

In order to take professional photos with your smart phone lens, do the following:

1. If your phone does not have a service using HDR technology is preferred to avoid the use of zoom in it absolutely, because it depends on cropping a small part of the full picture and zoom and not rounded, which makes the zoom works at the expense of loss of precision and then get a picture Distorted so you have to approach your phone, while the previous technique can give you a real image close to high accuracy, and instead of zoom do crop until the image is more accurate.

2. If you want your images to be unique, be sure to edit the images rather than Filter such as SnapSeed or Photoshop Express, or iPhoto, these applications will allow you to make reasonable adjustments to make your image professional.

3. If you do not want to rely on photography on your camera phone and want something more unique you can choose a camera application such as a special camera + and a lot of other important applications that give you more features and enable you to control what your phone offers better, and these applications are many and available free of charge such as:

• Professional HD Camera

• HD camera

You have to get used to it and know all the advantages of photography through it well and professionally, because it gives a unique experience in the final image.

4. Do not use the flash to take bad pictures, because the attached flash is often a bad light that makes the image dim and eliminates the colors or makes people’s eyes in the pictures look red, but on the other hand, the flash can prove movements Especially if you are taking pictures in dark lighting conditions, so it is best to adjust the lighting for not using the flash.

5. Clean the lens of your phone from germs that are gathered in the lens of your camera, because this leads to the capture of images blur and dark and can not be treated with any adjustments or Filter so you clean it constantly wipe with a soft cotton and protect the phone completely.

You should consider yourself a photographer, because the good images are not different from a professional camera for a smart phone camera, so you have to take into account all the rules such as the direction of photography and the balance of light and distance between you and what you imagine and moderation of the camera straight and not from the angle.

6. Use multiple capture permanently, just go to camera settings and turn on the multiple shots option (or select the icon with the matrix images behind each other gradually) and select the number you want from these clips. This feature will allow you to get more than one copy of the same image to avoid any unintentional error can affect the image and spoil it without re-acquiring it.


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