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Take Your First Step Into Creative Writing World

We are not all gifted with the skill of writing, and able to write everything, when it comes to creative writing, which is the focus of our topic, it has special ingredients, so if you are a fan of writing and seek to start creative writing, then you should read the following lines that will definitely help you to step forward in this field, join us…

The definition of creative writing

Creative writing is not something you can learn, but rather a process associated with a personal passion for literature and writing. It is a form of writing that falls outside the boundaries of academic, professional or technical writing, and is characterized by being mostly narrative writing, and it uses a literary or poetic style and aims to

mainly entertain the reader by sharing human experiences, s the creative writer seeks through his works to reach human truths in a fictional way. And it includes novels and stories, films and plays, songs and motivational speeches.

What you need to become a creative writer

 – It is important that you have a wide imagination.-Be aware of everything in life by reading and following the news and everything that is going on around you, to have an excellent background when writing a novel or poetry.

– It is essential to be fluent in the language in which you are writing.

-You need a wide base of different vocabulary and writing styles in order to be able to attract your readers.

– The content of creative writing is not defined by specific rules or restrictions, such as poetry that needs alliteration, ryhme, etc.

– Because writing is an act of creativity and creation, and it is a mental, spiritual and physical process that requires skill, ability, rituals, and an atmosphere to translate visions, ideas, aspirations, and dreams into a written language with art.

– You should participate in creative activities, such as attending cultural and literary seminars, as they give you new ways of thinking – creative, brainstorm, and help you discover what lies within you.

– Share your writings among your friends, discussions about it will contribute to broadening your perceptions and the extent of the influence of your writing on others, and through them you know the extent of admiration for your style, clarity of your vision, writing style, etc.

-It is nice to take courses and enter writing workshops. They are very useful in developing your creative writing skills


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