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The Coffee Table Has A Bigger Role In Your Home!

Do not think that the coffee table is a piece of furniture that is not central to your home’s aesthetic, but plays an important role in any living room.

– The interior design of your home is stylish, so choose your home decor and colors. There is a wide variety of coffee tables in different shapes and sizes and a variety of materials to suit your style. Two X L for Furniture & Home Decor offers you a variety of coffee tables. And how to choose what is suitable for your home decoration.

– The right choice of coffee table can bring beauty and elegance to the living room, so it is very important to acquire the appropriate design and size for your interior design and home space.

– When the design of the room is full of details, it is better to choose a table with a simple design and vice versa, that is, if the design of the room is characterized by simplicity, then choose a coffee table with a modern and unusual design to decorate the living room and create a more exciting touch.

– The coffee table is not only a basic piece of furniture in the house, but also a piece of furniture that enhances the beauty and elegance of your home.

– You can mix simple designs from coffee tables with more modern designs or choose a traditional design for a relaxing and lively feel.

Modern designs for coffee tables:

If you want to create a touch of beauty, drama and personal character, this piece is

The way you want it.

Coffee table in white and gold

Dimensions: 90 x 45 cm

Table legs: brass and iron

Upper deck: marble

This coffee table gives a look and feel of sophistication

Round coffee table in black and gold

Dimensions: x3880 cm

Table legs: brass and iron

Upper deck: marble

Oriental table, you can crown the appearance of this Ottoman sofa using a tray to create the perfect place to display your favorite items or to provide drinks.

Coffee Table From Cadham 

in color: light gray

Dimensions: 150x150x45

Filling: foam and fiber, inner frame: pine wood

Whether the living room is decorated in monochromatic or rich colors, this coffee table can be made  harmonious with any design for your room beautifully.

Rosa coffee table in dark green with legs in black and gold

Dimensions: x4581

Metal and marble

Add a touch of sparkle and luxury to the living room area with round coffee tables

Mimosa set of two side tables, color: white gold

Dimensions: x40x4240

Aluminum and marble stone

If you tend to give a character that reflects your love for adventure and boldness on your home decor

The honeycomb coffee table suits you.

Color: Gold

Dimensions: x43.3×2550

Wood of mahogany

If you want to make the room look more spacious, your purchase of a top-floor coffee glass table is the best option.

Coffee table from Faye, Color: Gold

Dimensions: x50x45140

Metal and glass


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