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The Word “When” Makes You Lose The Will to Enjoy Your Present!

We often fall into the grip of delay. Yes, it is a big problem. Most of us postpone the moment of enjoying things, except for rare people. Do not be surprised, for how many of us have deprived ourselves of wearing new and beautiful clothes until they weaken, and how many girls said I will wear the best clothes and jewelry and take care of my body when I get married, and how many men have acquired a new car and spend their trips with their old car and keep the new and use them only in the narrowest limits, and how many housewives have bought beautiful and expensive home kits and do not use them and continue to use the old kits and many other things, and this happens with us because we are overthinking with what will happen tomorrow (when I succeed When I buy a house, when I have a big company… it is big and beautiful dreams, yet they are in a fictional and imaginary world only, but we do not realize the fact that the time may not come to do all of this, because we may simply be dead and who knows his hour ?! and so we cannot enjoy all of this. You have deprived yourself of all current pleasure, hoping that you will enjoy it in the future. To here, has the vision clarified for you. So, all of us should think: Do you do it? If You are one of those, so you have to catch up with yourself, and think why you do not make the present in the future .. Isn’t that better? Now all you have to come with us to see how you can get rid of this bad habit to enjoy the moment and appreciate what you have ..

Ways to lead you to enjoy what you have in the present, not in the future 

You have to train yourself from now not to postpone the best and the happiest moments to the future? and ask yourself do I guarantee that I will be alive until tomorrow, and who among us has a bond of guarantee for how long he will live?

– Think that the present alone is what we have. When we live in the present, this means that we do what we do for the sake of enjoyment, when you draw a painting, you can enjoy every, you get to enjoy every new melody you hear, every new piece of clothing you have, every car, every beautiful dinner set, and remember that you can enjoy everything that happens around you.

Be grateful for everything you own, no matter how simple it is, thank God for the blessings that are in your hands, whether moral or material, that give you the quality of contentment and gratification and enjoy it .. The present moment, my friend, is all the time that you have, so take advantage of it!

If you ask yourself the following question and think about it carefully, make sure that you will enjoy what you have and use it immediately. Ask yourself why we postpone enjoying what we have until we grow up? and we discover that what could have brought us joy yesterday does not mean anything to us today for some reason such as age or Illness or … It is a question worthy of thoughtfulness and discussion at least between one and self in a moment of truth. There is no doubt that anyone who is true to himself at this moment will discover many things that he missed, and can no longer bring them back.

Take a piece of paper and a pen and start listing everything you have and own.. When you do that, you will start to appreciate the value of the things around you and you will find them a lot, and this will increase the chance of your satisfaction and happiness towards these blessings, and this creates beautiful memories in your lived reality and guarantees you to live, and be happy with what you have, and be optimistic in the life that you really want to live .. this is for your own good.

If you tend to complicate and make things difficult for yourself, then you will find all the excuses in the world that justify why you do not achieve the best pleasure in your life, and you will continue to postpone the fun until things seem difficult, or until you get what you want.

Do not be drained in the thoughts of the future or the past that it prevents you from enjoying what is happening now. If you sip coffee and think, “This is not as good as it was last week.” Try to relax and enjoy what you are doing at the moment, no matter how simple it is. Enjoy eating pastries, taking a shower, or basking in the sunshine, as happiness usually involves what your senses enjoy.

The results of enjoying what you have in the present

– Make sure to spend a few minutes a day actively focusing on living in the moment and appreciating everything you have, you can be assured that this will make you happier, more energetic, more considerate and secure;

– You will have a higher self-esteem, and more acceptance of your weaknesses.

– Living in the present reduces depression, binge problems, and sleep disorders.

– Appreciating these little things, it’s what builds you build your happiness on and makes you feel that you are living and achieving everything …


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