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Tools You Need to Become a Unique Poet

Poetry is a humanitarian phenomenon for which there is no specific date for its beginning. Perhaps it was found since the existence of man on Earth. It is a mirror which reflects life with all its paradoxes and contradictions. It is an expression of one’s feelings and sensations. It is the result of feelings, affections and emotions. The words according to which it is expressed are covered with a unique appearance and appropriate musical tone. If you want to become a famous poet as they say, it is not enough to have a taste for poetry and talent in presenting it, as there are special tools you should master. Let’s get to know them with us.

Description of poetry:

It is an art, the substance of which are words and music, used by the poet to uncover the facts recorded by the senses, transmitted by feelings, recognized by the mind and established by imagination. It is such beautiful lively word passing from your reality to yourself inside you through a beautiful bridge of balanced words.

Poetry details:


A group of verses of the same rhyme and the last letter or one or two letters before the last letter or more. In the number of verses, i.e. the parts of which the poetic verse consists, the least of which is six verses and it is said seven verses, and below that is known as a piece.


This is the closure of the verse, which is the last word in mind of the poetic verse.


This is the rhythmic system of the words repeated in a poetic manner, known to the public by the methods “tarq”. As for “tarook” it means for them the tune, and given to the entire verse in terms of its meaning, meter and melody. The difference between the meter and balance is that that the meter is divided into several parts of the poetic balance, each of which constitutes a separate meter by itself, where the complete verse is that which satisfied its effects in term so fits meter, and the divided is that which is incomplete by the last effect of each line. The separated is that which its half fel and the other half remained. The breach is that of which its two thirds are removed and the one third remained, which means is not used except for two effects, etc., of the meters.


Every metered and rhymed line, divided into three sections as follows:

Orood: this expression is given to the effect at the end of the beginning of the poetic verse.

Darb: this expression is given to the effect stated at the end of the body of the verse.

Hashu: this expression is given to the remaining effects at the beginning and body of the verse.

Parts of the beginning poetic verse:

This is the first half of the verse, also known as the “first door” and is known colloquially as “Al Mashad.”


This is the first half of the verse, and also known as the “second door’, expressed colloquially as “closure’. The word closure is given to the entire verse, but it means exactly the body.

How do we write poetry?

The psychological condition during the writing, which is the status in which you are writing, should take a specific mode, either sadness, oppression, joy, longing, infatuation or affection, from which the verses are derived.

The ambience of the place should be appropriate to the mode according to which you want to write. We believe that the quite ambience is ideal for writing. Make sure you have no commitment or work.

Before  you start writing the poem, you should have a specific idea and want to reach it or express it. It is better that you write this idea on an external paper, as well as write some points you want to raise to transfer the idea into the text.

Try to live the idea you are writing. Relax and unleash your soul and imagination in order to live this idea.

The poem consists of verses. Verses consist of words. Words consist of letters. The letter sin the effects are divided into two types:  consonants and vowels only, which means aperture and consonant.

To balance the verses written, you should invent a specific tone. Whatever the tone of the melody may be, it is not important. However, the melody should be close to the heart, palatable and easy, as if it is a song at the beginning and do not imagine anything known as poetry meter because it kills the feelings and inspirations inside you. meters were invented by melodies and poems while poems were not invented from meters.

There are two methods to balance the poem and know its breaks:

Composing and singing the poem, in the sense that the verses are based on a specific melody which the full verses follow in order for all the verses to be in line with the melody and do not go beyond it in a melodic cacophony, otherwise this shall be a break.

This is the most guaranteed and best, but is not easy, which are the effects having special letters known as the division letters with melodic pieces, some of which are known as reasons and others are known as wedges, some of which are quadruple and others are septuplet.

Look for the rhymes which you feel is in harmony with the meter you want or which you already started.

After finishing, try to weight it again according to the scale and then the melody to ensure its soundness.

Remember that as you practice poetry by reading, composing, and listening to the tones of its pieces and flow of its music and echo, train your tasteful poetry talent and you will become able to distinguish between the poetry meters and know them well, through which you are easily guided to the weaknesses, which you rectify and it becomes with homogenous tone. The trained ear does not miss the weakness in the melody or the weakness in the meter.


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