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What to Pack For The Hospital Bag When Going to Give Birth?

First thing you should but together as your delivery due date start approaching is the hospital bag, you should have your bag ready by the end of eighth months, so that labor pains don’t surprise you. Make sure that it includes everything you and your little baby are going to need in the hospital, now let’s go through the most important things in this bag so that you do not forget anything!

To prepare your hospital maternity bag you will need the following:

Two long gowns, one to wear in your room after childbirth, and the other when you leave the hospital, and make sure that they are loose and comfortable made from soft cotton fabric.

A light open shoe that is easy for you to take off.

Socks, as most women complain of cold feet in labor, so you should have a sock in your hospital bag.

bath Amenities such as shampoo, body lotion and cream, make sure to bring your personal towel, make sure it’s made of pure cotton.

Extra clothes to change if it takes you more than two days in the hospital.

A nursing bra you will need it for breastfeeding. Keep two or three spares with you.

Small cotton pads to wipe breast milk after each feeding.

Nipple balm in case of nipples dryness and cracks.

Women Sanitary Pads.

Comfortable 100% cotton underwear, especially when cesarean delivery.

Baby dippers and clothes.

A baby blankets.

A front-opening nightgown or shirt to make it easier for breastfeeding.


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