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Winning Michelin Star Strict Criteria

Because cooking is considered a form of art and creativity, the chefs of the world compete in famous restaurants and hotels to obtain a Michelin star. You must have heard of it on TV cooking programs or a popular restaurant that you regularly visit, etc. This star has several classifications and certain criteria that are taken into consideration when a restaurant is given that star .. Has it sparked your curiosity? Read this article to read everything you want to know about the legendry Michelin star.

What does it mean for a restaurant to receive a Michelin star?

A “Michelin” star is a sign indicating the quality of the food provided by the restaurant, and restaurants are arranged according to the number of stars they have obtained. A restaurant that has one star means that it is “very good,” and the two stars mean that “its cooking is excellent and deserves to be passed by.” As for the three-star, it is “exceptional and deserves to travel specially to try it.”

The Story behind Michelin star

It was the French company Michelin -Tires that came up with the idea of evaluating restaurants by the number of stars in 1926, initially, there was only a single star awarded, and then in 1933 three stars were introduced to rank the quality of restaurants.

The story goes back to year 1900, when Michelin came up with a way to encourage the French to drive cars that in turn lead to increase the demand for cars and, accordingly, car tires, there were fewer than 3,000 cars on the roads of France. By publishing a guide that provided useful information, such as maps, tire repair and replacement instructions, car mechanics listings, and petrol stations throughout France.

Later, they decided to print more than one guide outside France, in Belgium, then Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, Switzerland and many other countries, and the guide contained the same information and locations according to each country.

During World War I, publication of the guide was suspended. After the war, new editions of the guide continued to be given away, they also made several changes, by listing restaurants in Paris, and hired a team of inspectors to visit and review these restaurants.

Team members enter without revealing their objective, and try the food like any regular customer, carefully monitor every detail, and after discussing their opinions together they agree on the level the restaurant deserves.

Then the team created the idea of the star in 1926 as a reward for delicious restaurants, and then the three stars appeared not only in appreciation of good restaurants, but also for arranging these restaurants according to their quality.

Over time, the star gained fame and respected status around the world, as it is enough for the restaurant to obtain one star to spread its reputation as if it was awarded an honorary medal, which will benefit the owner of the restaurant himself and increase his profits.

Chefs started to show off that they work in a restaurant that has a star, because it is evidence of the taste of their excellent food, and high-end restaurants and hotels around the world are flocking to recruit workers in Michelin star restaurants, to give them the same status.

The criteria for awarding the star

Michelin’s “Secret Team of Inspectors” measures its rating of a restaurant according to the following criteria:

The quality of the ingredients used in preparing the dishes.

The taste and cooking technique.

The special touches of each chef in preparing the dish.

The price of the meal compared to its quality.

The food taste match between each visit.

The team constantly visits the same restaurant to ensure that it adheres the previous standards even after the restaurant has obtained the star, and there are actually a number of restaurants that have withdrawn a Michelin star from them after their level of decline.

The Michelin team only evaluates the dishes served, they don’t evaluate the restaurant’s decor, the way the tables are prepared, nor the level of service.

The most famous restaurants that was awarded a Michelin star

There are many restaurants and chefs in the world who got this honorary star…

Canada Restaurant in Minato, Tokyo

Waterside Restaurant in Bray, Berkshire, UK

Funky Gourmet Restaurant in Athens, Greece

Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant in Sant Agata, Italy

Amador Restaurant in Vienna, Austria

Taipei guest house restaurant in Taipei City, Tiwan


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