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Your Small Apartment Is Spacious With Smart Decorating Tricks

Many of the young people who come to get married are living in a small apartment. Some families do not have the financial means to allow them to live in a large house. And try as much as possible to choose the decorations to fit the space and give a beautiful artistic touch on the place, without a negative impact on the space, and experts have some ideas that help you to make your small apartment beautiful painting, and suggests the wide space.

– Avoid the many antiques and accessories, although they add beauty to your home, but they do not fit the rooms narrow space, many of the walls on the wall feel you narrow space, using mirrors in the decoration of rooms is a suitable way to make you feel as if the rooms are large space. You can also put pieces of accessories with simple designs and at the same time attract attention such as a long light floor lamp, put it in one corner of the house or you can put some beautiful pillows to decorate the couch.

– Use multi-purpose furniture to reduce the congested appearance in your home. Such as a table with a library from the bottom or a family with drawers for storage or the implementation of cabinets built into the wall.

– Put the shelves on the wall, they provide in the room in the narrow rooms, do not look like a crowded, and put on what you want soft cloths or frames, and give them a lot of vitality and modern look.

– Put the pieces of furniture adjacent to the wall so as not to take up a large area of the room. Try also to leave the corners of the room empty, by arranging the furniture with slightly tilted corners while leaving an appropriate area of free floor that will give more space for the place. For example, you can abandon the idea of a large rectangular dining table and replace it with a soft, modern round dining table with chairs that are not huge. As for the reception kit, choose a size that fits the living room area, and so on.

– Make sure to choose the light colors in every corner of your home, whether the colors of the walls or furniture because it relaxes the eye, contrasting the dark colors that narrow the space and make you feel disturbed, try white or gray in the furniture it helps to feel the space.

– Put the glass tables in the reception rooms, they are better than the wood, because they give space in the narrow places.

– Do not spread the floor in full carpets to cover, but choose a small carpet size and placed in the middle of the room, and you choose one color, and get rid of carpet that contains more than one color, because it does not fit small rooms.

– Select the light bulbs in the light, and keep the large in size, because it does not fit the small rooms, and choose a simple lighting in the bedrooms, you have to choose one color of lighting and do not use more than one color because it makes you feel the lack of space.

– Put mirrors in different parts of the house, for example on the columns that mediate the rooms and over the large couch and prefer to choose longitudinal mirrors to suggest the breadth of the place. Also remember that the more simple the mirrors are, the greater the space.

– Choose the simple one-color curtains and open, and install it at the highest possible height to expand the space of the small place.


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